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Bringing the Bar to You

TheLoveProjectt has all the tools to create a beautiful atmosphere of a private bar setup wherever you may be in Los Angeles County or Orange County, California. We provide the service for bartending private events and will assist with coming up with customized drink menus at affordable rates.

During the event, we will come an hour earlier for set up and take care of the breakdown after. All you need to provide are the alcohol, extra ice, water & your choice of non-alcoholic beverages. Free consultation included. 

Our Service Package Comes With:

  • Personal Bartender(s)
  • Bar Accessories (Napkins, Straws, Cups, Mixing tins, Jiggers, Muddler and other bar tools)
  • 1-2 Ice Tubs
  • 45-Minute to 1-Hour Set Up
  • 30-Minute Breakdown
  • Basic Garnish (Limes, Lemons, Oranges, Olives, Cherries)

 Add On's if needed, just let us know!:

  • A Traveling/Portable Bar
  • Spider Jam Music Amp & Mic
  • Personalized Drink Menus
  • Games/Host 

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