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This is the foundation of TheLoveProject before it became a journal lifestyle brand in the entertainment community.

Quill is a 17 year old girl whose been struggling with her sexuality for a long time, but after settling into her new college life she meets Yasmine Love who she suddenly may have fallen in love with. Upon exploring her thoughts and experiences in her journal about this, her feelings seem to be growing beyond what she can handle. Is this love? Is it her love? Is it God's love? Where did this love come from? And why is it so powerful? Has this love become bigger than her? What is to become of this?

As a psychology student, Quill privately decides to embark upon a  monthly, amateur, psychological experiment, journaling her emotions for Yasmine Love, calling it "the love project", in which she gets raw about what love her love is and rates her attraction at the end of each letter in wonder if she will ever get over these strong mysterious feelings.

These letters provide clues into the journey of Chelsea's book being published, "Mixed Emotions" (Journal 12)  


God is a mystery in our lives and he speaks through love, he calls us to Him through love, this is why I am a believer that we should follow our hearts and remain true to ourselves. Even as an adolescent, whose major crisis is to stay true to ones self in the midst of social relationships, this expression of love can teach and inspire many of all ages of what love is from God, for others and for ourselves. 

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