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Who We Are

TheLoveProjectt brand helps individuals, in short, live their best life. Our top 3 values in action are love, family, and trust. We emphasize on helping others live a transcendent lifestyle unique to their own, in order to reach their style of SELF-ACTUALIZATION. TLP Balance breaks down into 7 domains of health listed and represented by color: Spiritual(purple), Financial(green), Intellectual(sky blue), Environmental(yellow), Emotional(red), Social(blue), and Physical(orange). We believe that if all these areas in life are up to par with the individuals happiness and satisfaction, they will discover their passion to live their best life. In the end, we want to share your story to inspire and motivate others to get on board with living THEIR best life in our action-based, interactive environment entitled, Artist & Players™; A network space of roaming professionals, creators, and artist excited to help, inspire, and educate you to the next level in this game of life!

Meet Our Founder

Chelsea Smith holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Communications from California State University, Northridge. She is a writer of currently 37 journals that have helped her achieved her level of balance and self-actualization. In her journey of attaining balance, she has self-actualized into entrepreneurship with an exceeding level of service in the catering industry. Upon graduating, she has since then provided exceptional catering service to private events in the Greater Southern California area including Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, and Riverside County. Currently residing in Wilmington, Chelsea has been a mixologist and bartender for more than three years and she is now focusing on helping others to do as she has done, building relationships, digging deep within them and connecting them to those who can help to discover their passion within and become actualized.

In her spare time, Chelsea enjoys writing in her journal, hanging out with her family, listening to music, and reading self-help, motivational books.

How We Began

The inspiration to start TheLoveProjectt came during Chelsea’s first year in college. She envisioned a brand and platform that would allow her and others to the freedom fulfill their passions for music, art, and networking.

Chelsea believes that getting what you want in life depends on how well you connect with the people you're trying to help and how well you communicate your understanding back to them; Offering trust, encouragement and congratulations as others find their own way

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